That's all anything takes really, a little effort and a little time...

Effort and Time Massage

That's all anything takes really, a little effort and a little time...

A little information about me.

 I'm from upstate NY, graduated high school in 1985, went to basic training 2 days later in the U. S. Army Reserve. I spent a total of a year and a half in the Army Reserve and went into the Army after that for six years. 

I've done various jobs after I got out but, for the most part, a ready mix, concrete truck driver for about 10 years. I understand hard work and long hours! I've put in my fair share of 60-70 hour work weeks!

I can appreciate your time and how hard you worked for your money. 

The Veteran Administration gave me the greatest gift, they paying for my massage school education and I'm just trying to pay that gift back with every person I meet.

What I offer;

Meditative Massage-Light touch for a relaxing massage.

Deep Tissue-This type of Massage focuses on the deep muscles located below the surface muscles. The ones usually most responsible for the pain.

Area Specific-Focusing on an isolated area of pain. I use a combination of Myofascial stretching, vibration, Silicone Cupping, deep tissue and repetitive strokes to ease or take away pain in problematic areas.

Cupping-Silicone Cupping to improve circulation and ease pain.

The purpose of cupping is to increase circulation, help relieve pain, and pull out the toxins that linger in your body's tissues.

I have clients attest to amazing amounts of pain relief in just one session. 

Chair Massage-

 Sit down, melt into the chair and forget

 about the world for a little while!

Why come to me?

I believe that pain relief from Massage should not cost a fortune!

Your first massage is $35 for 60 min! 

Everyone should enjoy the benefits of Massage at an affordable price! Give me a call and treat yourself to some relaxation, stress relief and/or PAIN relief!

I specifically work troubled areas to relax the muscles and work away the tension, which in most cases is the main cause of the pain.  

If, at any time, I feel someone else can help you better than I can, I will refer you. The most important thing here is your health and well being!