That's all anything takes really, a little effort and a little time...

Effort and Time Massage

That's all anything takes really, a little effort and a little time...

Chronic Pain

The symptoms of chronic pain include:

Mild to severe pain that does not go away

Pain that may be described as shooting,

 burning, aching,


or electrical

Feelings of discomfort, soreness, tightness

 or stiffness.

In order to help with Chronic pain, it has to 

be treated on a regular basis

Anyone that has had numerous Doctor,

 Chiropractic, or Physical Therapy visits,

 totally understands the


financial burden that comes with treatment!

  I would like you to try Massage! Whether it

 be with me or

 a different Massage Therapist, give it a try

and see if it helps your pain!

And when you lessen your pain, it definitely

 lowers your STRESS!