That's all anything takes really, a little effort and a little time...

Effort and Time Massage

That's all anything takes really, a little effort and a little time...

Everyone loves a good Massage!

I Specialize in Relaxation and Pain


Do you have a hard time turning your head to the right or left?

Low and mid back making your life miserable with every move you make?

Do your hands and feet just HURT?

Tired of Doctors saying it's arthritis and prescribing pills?

There's a very good chance

Massage Therapy can help!

First Massage


$35 for 60 minutes

$65 for 90 minutes

(First time massage only)

Gift Certificates available.

Text (or call) for available pick up times.

May take 24 to 48 hours to return the call. Texting gets a faster  response, generally.

Please, don't worry about showing up early for paperwork. It's a short intake form and I generally have the door locked until 5 minutes prior to the appointment time.

Thank You

No shows or failure to cancel at least 3 hours before appointment time, subject to a $20 fee

Scott Davis

Licensed Massage Therapist



U.S. ARMY Veteran